Giacomo Alberico

(b.1994) photographer, visual artist
based in Milano, Italy.

There’s a lot here, can’t you see it?
︎︎︎Terra Terra

Can I find the treasure?
︎︎︎After The Gold Rush

They are speaking through these things.

A museum and a street are the same thing.
︎︎︎Kalsa Jam

My town is now my dream town.

So far, yet so close
︎︎︎Antipodes Windows

Business, web and a great local artist
︎︎︎ Ionel

Commissioned work



Rold Skov

ROLD SKOV F/W 20 UNTITLED photographed in Gabicce, Italy, February 2020.
Featured on Hunter Fashion Magazine Issue 37

Hansel & Grotesque

Art Direction, studio photography, post-production for Hansel & Grotesque. Products born in collaboration between the graphic designer Samuele Anzellotti and various design studios (Alessio D’Ellena, Studio Temp, etc.) 

Today, Tomorrow (Wasting Times), double-sided pillowcases.

WHEN IN DOUBT, unisex pocketable raincoat. ‘Laica’ font by Alessio D’Ellena.

Alphabet Sweatshirt, ispired by E.Sottsass.

Zenato Winery

Commissioned photography prints. Project for five authors selected from Academy of Fine Arts Brera, Milan. Curated by Luca Panaro. Exhibition in VinItaly Verona 2019 and Bottega Immagine Milano. Project catalog published with Biblos Editori.   

Milano Design Week studio visits photography for Solar Magazine in 2019.

Studio Lido.

Flatwig Studio.

Art and Exhibition Photography
Artworks by Alessandra Draghi, Esposito Arcangelo and documentation of various exhibitions, studio visits and art installations.

Commissioned Portraits

- Oliviero Fiorenzi (featured on Metal Magazine
- Lucia Cantò.

Studio photography
for Atelier Selene Giorgi - Milano.

Backstage photography
For Tony Effe, Mambo Losco video ‘Costa Tanto’ directed by Enrico Maspero in MovieChrome - Milano.

Interior photography
Interior and details photography of the Officina Milano Cocktail Bar for social media promotion.