Kalsa Jam


Project realized during ‘The Hidden City’ workshop/residency. ‘The Hidden City’ took part as an official collateral event of the Manifesta12 Art Biennale in Palermo. A collaboration between Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and the Regional Gallery of Sicily. Curated by Cloe Piccoli and the artist Stefano Graziani. September 2018 - Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo, Sicily.

Those are the questions behind my project about Palazzo Abatellis: 
What relationships exist between a street and the museum site of very high historical importance? Can one succeed in juxtaposing elements from the daily life to elements of memorable beauty? Is there a link and something that makes them equally interesting and similar?
The project aims to analyze and explore the city of Palermo, in particular the Kalsa district, in search of the elements that can create an unprecedented dialogue between what happened in the Palazzo Abatellis and what happened recently in the city.