Giacomo Alberico

(b.1994) photographer, visual artist
based in Milano, Italy.

There’s a lot here, can’t you see it?
︎︎︎Terra Terra

Can I find the treasure?
︎︎︎After The Gold Rush

They are speaking through these things.

A museum and a street are the same thing.
︎︎︎Kalsa Jam

My town is now my dream town.

So far, yet so close
︎︎︎Antipodes Windows

Business, web and a great local artist
︎︎︎ Ionel

Commissioned work



Finestre agli antipodi
‘Antipodes Windows’ is a reflection on the perception of distance. The work was born with the desire to find out which was the farthest place from where I lived and what to see from its window an inhabitant of that place. The geographically opposite place from my home in Urbino on Earth is Pitt Island in New Zealand, a Pacific Ocean island inhabited by about forty people. One of these is Celestine, the only one on the island with whom I had the pleasure of talking via email. After explaining to my project I asked her to send me a photo taken from her home's window, I would then have sent her the photo of my Urbino's window.